26/02/2003 @20:56:15 ^22:16:26

I rewrote my xchat log rotator. I only want logs rotated at most once a day, and only old logs deleted that are too small, not the most recent.

I've also restarted playing Alien Vendetta, one of the finest Doom megawads ever made. I'm playing the old (end of 2001) version on one computer and the new, optimised for compet-n version (end of 2002) on the other. I found I needed to code an always-run option for DIY, as I've become accustomed to not having to hold the run key down in PRBoom. It's not cheating because the original DOS "vanilla" Doom always had an autorun option if you knew how to turn it on (put joyb_speed 29 or 31 or something like that in the .cfg file)

It seems going on about how you're sulking because no-one ever invites you to whatever the hell it is they all do together, at least sometimes has the intended effect. I managed to get myself invited to a pub walk (not crawl, damnit) last night. It was... a pleasant change, yet somehow unsatisfying, perhaps because I couldn't afford to drink in every place we went to, perhaps because I often found myself seated too far from the middle of the group to feel properly involved.. Social dynamics are weird. Oh well, at least I got invited, heh.

Speaking of last night I'd like to quote from The Warwick Job, a site I should have linked to months ago but it's monitored by snafu so hopefully that makes up for it.

So: Don't steal, borrow or whatever verb you wish to substitute for "take" somebody else's stick and then use it to summon elder gods. And subsequently post a photograph. They get really upset about it.

Not at all sir, I was probably just shouting too loud like I always do, heh. I don't mind if you keep the damn thing, especially if it's being put to use in the name of dark magicks and, of course, comedy value.