16/11/2003 @22:10:10 ^23:50:59

we're rolling

Over the past hour (the time as I type this is about ten past ten) I have recorded two 2'49"s, a 2'46" and a 2'45" in blastem2. And I'm still not satisfied! The 2'46" is actually a marginally better demo than the 2'45" because there are slightly fewer blatant fuckups on camera!

person most likely to break something in senate house is...

...I never thought it'd be me, but as I was lifting down some boxes on Thursday I caught a flourescent tube diffuser. It came crashing down and the end shattered. I felt pretty damn stupid I can tell you.

Various people said things like "never mind it was loose anyway, estates'll fix it, don't worry" and "are you okay, it didn't land on your head did it?" Unfortunately I didn't say "it might have been better if it had landed on my head, because then it wouldn't have broken, having landed on something soft" but I never thing of these things until well after the moment has passed.

Never mind, at least I can post about it on the internet! That's the beauty!

they're going to take my bloody desk away

So on Tuesday I'm doing the usual sifting through dusty boxes looking for the UCAS forms and other bits and pieces of people on this list I've been given. As I keep saying it's really really dull, but occasionally you find one that's either someone you know (hi Julie!) or full of hilarious drama.

Anyway this guy comes in and he wants to rip out my desk because the phone junction box is behind it. Okay, fair enough, I'll just go sit over here in everyone's way and carry on going through this box which even before I've been into it I can tell it's not going to have any of the ones I'm looking for but I have to look anyway, godsdamnit.

Eventually the guy finishes up work having ran a cable halfway up the office to the only spare desk, and we get my desk back into its place. And it's good because we've used this as an excuse to take all the files and heaps of paper that have always taken up half my desk back to the postgraduate office so I actually have some room to work now!

But no it turns out that there was a huge mistake, really the phone should have gone in at my desk itself because it won't be my desk for long! They're giving it to another temp who started a few days after I did and who is apparently really good. "Sparkette", so called because of a certain uncanny resemblance, has accepted the offer of a job for a year, part of which will be working with the people who have the desks next to mine. Thus it makes more sense for her to sit where I am.

What happens to me? Well I was in a bad mood at the time and I hoped I'd just get fired, but no I get the aforementioned free desk! Oh great!

It's not all bad news as I was told I would definitely be getting the login I asked for a fortnight ago. Just in time for my move to a desk where there isn't a computer. I'm going to shut up now before they find my site and I get into even more trouble.