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Felix and I exchanged some email and I promised him I'd post this

> > I've just got another +4 insightful.  I've no website and I feel the
> > need to crow about it.  Lucky you.
> Well done now send me a link and I will put it on my site
Here you go: http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=69335&cid=6329060
I wonder if I've set some sort of record for most points in the smallest
number of lines posted.

Placeholder Okay then here's a few pieces of weird content:

It's about a year since the AAW caption competition so it's fitting that I should find another picture whose caption is immediately obvious to me. Looks like him, doesn't it?

Spark made a modified version of Doom 2 map01 a long time ago. I played it and thought it was good fun so I bothered to make some demos for it. You need Doom 2 to play it, and PRBoom to run the demos. There's also a README file which is probably superfluous but hey.

He also decided to make a list of everyone's failings and spam it into IRC. Here's mine, I said I'd post it (He also did one for Amy, which is funnier, but I don't think I have the right to publish it. If you want to see it, ask her to ask me to send it to her, so she can put it on her site)

 <Spark> why are you so insecure? its not like you're physically or 
         mentally lacking in any way, all you need to do is meet new 
         people (which gets easier the more people you meet) chill the 
         fuck out and stop making excuses for yourself. theres no good rob
         or bad rob, its just you, you cant blame what you do on anyone 
         else but yourself, to be honest you've already missed the best 
         opportunity in your life for meeting new people and sorting 
         yourself out, it'll be much harder now but its still perfectly 
         possible, and at least there will be less bullshit because the 
         people you'll be meeting will be in general more mature. No 
         matter how scared you are of going to talk to new people, and how
         much you fuck it up the first time round, you will be forgiven 
         and it will all work itself out in the end, especially if youre 
         polite and humble and whatever needs to be done to get accepted. 
         the truth is that pretty much everyone is bad at first 
         impressions, but as long as you keep your head and take 
         everything with a pinch of salt, and any other fuckwitted 
         expressions that relate to giving the illusion at least that 
         you're in control and you're not about to have a nervous 
         breakdown then everything will be fine. The same applies to you, 
         you cant be in a relationship with anyone if you're fucked up, it
         just wont happen at all, and trying to force it will cause an 
         almighty earth shattering fuck up that will leave you in a worse 
         position than when you started. You have your music, you have 
         your computers, have the confidence to sort yourself out and be 
         prepared to accept the consequences of a couple of minor fuckups 
         whilst in the pursuit of this goal.
   <RjY> tldr

PS If you came here looking for tracks: I have encoded some more but I haven't put them up yet. It got to the point where I was supposed to be releasing more stuff and I didn't think the first lot had had enough exposure time, or something. How many people do you see doing releases every week, anyway? Even The Wedding Present only did one single per month in 1992 or whenever it was.

Also on Doom demos you may remember I was recording on blastem2 a while ago. Well, I broke both the records recently; UV Max is now 10'28" (from 10'41") and UV Speed is 3'07" (from 3'20") I still want to improve these so I'm not putting them up yet. I'll probably send them to the speed demos archive.