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Since everyone's been spamming out their university exam results into the various #warwicks recently, here are mine, copied verbatim out of my diaries (even with unedited comments, which is why they're so cringe-inducing. Man, I can't believe I ever sounded that positive, look at all the smileys for gods sakes)

1998/1999 (second first year) (diary date 2/7/1999)
Analysis I&II72hmmm.
Linear Algebra80ditto.
Thermal/QP/Relativity83hmm again
Foundations73ho ho ho.
Differential Equations A83haha!
Mechanics A76by all the gods
Tutor's Mark86mmpfff
Use of Computers Workshop90it'll do...
Differential Equations B59D'oh!
Programming for Scientists85mmpff again.
OVERALL8111 over a first. It'll do. just.
1999/2000 (second year) (diary date 3/7/2000)
Analysis III76Hmm.
Algebra I74Hmm again.
Vector Analysis82Must've been marked down(!)
Complex Analysis81Hmm yet again
Metric Spaces87Yay!
Variational Principles84Double hellfire!
Partial DEs56Ha ha! \\ same amount of revision, same
Maths Methods II96Ha ha! // exam session. Just illustrates luck...
Quantum Mechanics83Yeah, yeah, sort of hmm.
EM Theory90Yeah, that'll do :-)
Intro to Fluids63Not really surprising...
Thermal Physics II78Hmm... It'll do.
Hamiltonian Mechanics76Hmm... (once more)
Information Theory & Noise83Triple bleeding hellfire!!
Fortran Programming88Yeah, yeah, runnin'.
OVERALL832 more than last year.
2000/2001 (third year) (diary date 6/7/2001)
Measure Theory79Woohoo! Blagging!
Topology87yeah, it /was/ Metric Spaces :-)
Linear Analysis66Huh. Blame Writing Skills.
Algebra II76Yeah, it'll do
Applied Analysis75Pleasantly surprising
Nuclei & Particles81Yay! Off like a day's revision!
Stellar Structures67As good as could be expected
Neutron Stars75Yeah yeah yeah.
Weather & Environment48What?!? Moderation + W.S. = Fuck.
Intro to Synergetics83Not as high as hoped, but...:-)
Writing Skills67Still can't believe this.
OVERALL749% down! Well it's only to be expected(!)
DEGREE77Easily a first. We won, everyone :-)

For the sake of completeness I did one exam - Maths for Scientists I - in my first first year. It was almost identical to stuff I had done for A-level Further Maths so I ended up like 96 or something. After being told I had the highest score in the year I promptly dropped out, which made the whole thing about a million times funnier.

Education is a complete waste of time and effort kids, don't stay in school, go out and get wasted. You'll end up in exactly the same place - up diarrhoea drive without a paddle - just you'll have had more fun getting there.