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That's called sexual harrassment, my young feller-me-lad

The expression "feller-me-lad" actually means a small boy from whom you receive oral sex, see it is short for "fellate me, lad" in the same way that "crikey" is short for "Christ, kill me"

I should stop this my boss is over there <--

Following on from last week the good news is that as I suspected it is possible to automatically allocate payments! The bad news, however, is that in nearly all cases it doesn't fucking work properly and you have do it manually anyway. Fortunately practice has enabled me to do it slightly faster than continental drift.

The point is moot, anyway. I know how to allocate payments I've entered as I go along now. Furthermore firstly the five-inch pile of allocations to do was taken away from me, then a couple of days later the remainder of the supposedly more urgent ones went as well. I thought I was going to finish them that day and all, but nevertheless at the time I was like "SCORE!"

When I tried to allocate this one guy's fees payment to the relevant charge, an error box came up, and then his payment disappeared but the charge didn't. I was like "oh I've just cost some poor cockhat eight grand" but I made a note of the student ID number and I guess they'll sort it out somehow.

I spent the final two days sorting a box full of postgraduate direct debit forms into alphabetical order. Then I had to holepunch them and put them into lever arch files. The holepunch I was using was terrible. You pushed it down and it made the holes, fair enough, but then it wouldn't come back up again so you had to sort of wrench it open. It was pretty intractable and this one time I managed to take the skin off my knuckles.

The work that I have come to think of as "the usual" is drying up, so I was sure I wouldn't be asked to go back. However, I was. I had no idea why and rather cheekily said so. I also asked a few of the people from whom I usually get work. It would seem that the postgraduate office at least has something they will want me to do, but it seems that they work out what they want me to do as they go along.

Presenting the adventures of JUNGLE JIM!

Entanglement is up and down like the proverbial whore's drawers. On the other hand Frisky's home computer has suffered some form of catastrophe, and since the site is one of those that can only be updated if you're dialled up on the ISP's own lines, it has been pronounced dead. At the very least we have solid evidence that even one trained performing monkey on a typewriter can make a better designed website than a million Geocities retards!

I walked into town this morning mainly to visit the market and get some more aniseed balls, but I couldn't find the stall I used to get them from. I went in the various horrible mainstream record shops as well. All I can say is, damnit, why did Spinadisc have to go?

I found a new facet to goatse: if you say "goatse man" over and over again really quickly it sounds like "goat semen". More importantly I only have to say the word in the rogue channel and they're all falling over themselves going "urgh argh shutup". I really don't get this

Not Another E1 Wad is an E1M9 replacement, made because the author thinks the original is rubbish. Having said that there are areas which are obviously inspired by it. It's a decent map and worth the download, stylistically perhaps not as pure E1 as I'd like; but then you could argue the original isn't, either..

Finally, it seems some people "enjoyed" Shitty Contentless Updates Week but only because "any update means something to read".