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Oh man, where do I start... It's too much, I'm telling you. I believe the use of the above phrase was justified.

Instead here's some items about

various other people's websites

(and of course snafu as ever)

final day of work

Anyway so last Tuesday week I did my extra day of work which was pretty successful. It was a different form, longer, so we were told that we should only be able to enter five per hour. Well I managed six and had time to 420 goof off on IRC every day, so I must be employee of the month or something for my ability to both work hard, and play hard. EVERYBODY DANCE NOW

pause for aqua cascade

Okay guys I'll finish this later I'm going to wash my hair now I've finished this cup of tea (15:40) ... (16:40) Damn that took like an hour, I'm so slow, and I can't remember what I was going to go on about. Hang on I have a diary here somewhere I'm sure I can find something in it that isn't moan whinge depressed cry blah...

oh no he's trying to give his music to people again

Oh yes. I've been recording soundcheck mp3s of snippets of my records and giving them to people on #warwick. I think it's gone pretty well. I'm recording off the Risc PC to avoid the A3010's comedy low pass filter, and postfiltering the sound through my stereo for bass seems to be working out well. In fact the problem is with the midrange which is too quiet:\ Anyway so as suspected the quality isn't premium but it's the best I can do.

On the 14th it'll be the tenth anniversary of the beginning of anARCHy tracks (i.e. the day I got my copy of DSym) and given the emphasis I place upon that sort of thing I think it would be fairly safe to say I'll have to do something to mark the occasion. Yes that means release stuff. Watch this space...
And for the inevitable trolls and flamers it's been suggested that I put up the original DSym files and say "look if you think you can do better, there's the source". I guess I could, heh. I wish I weren't so sensitive about my stuff.

the old bot bandwagon

Following the trend in #warwick I have recently begun redoing sisc, my stupid IRC bot. I still want it to have its original purpose of doing channel use statistics (remember, newsstats for IRC, heh) but for the most part I have been trying to get it to respond properly to CTCP PINGs and not flood itself off the server all the time. Net::IRC is stupid, why doesn't it queue its output like you'd think it should do? Not to mention so badly documented that my only recourse is to read its source code. For gods' sakes.

Credit where it is due: I looked at the code for a bunch of other ageing IRC bots for, let's say, inspiration; in particular relay-bot (like itsrbot in #warwick) and nickbot.

other crap not worthy of having its own heading