26/10/2003 @18:21:21 ^20:04:42

I got a tattoo of the IP number of goatse.cx

but two weeks later they switched hosting company and it changed!

thousands and thousands and thousands of envelopes

Work last week can be neatly divided into two parts, with the division point being lunchtime on Thursday.

Before lunch on Thursday went like this: I'd get some little thing to do that'd take me a relatively short amount of time. Then I'd sit around until I felt guilty enough to go look for something else to do. This involved pestering people who clearly had gratuitous amounts of far more important work to do, and making them stop and find me something that would take them nearly as long to explain how to do it as it took for me to do. Thus the cycle repeated.

So we get to Thursday and I'm having lunch, thinking this has to be it. But no, the boss comes up to me and asks me to go back next week! Spraying crumbs everywhere I'm like "what! I've had hardly anything to do" but she's not having any of it.

Anyway after that the shit hits the fan as the direct debit letters have begun to be generated and need to go out by the end of the week. I got several huge boxes of envelopes, fresh from the envelope stuffing machine, which needed to be sorted by destination (UK, air mail, campus etc then the campus ones had to be further sorted into residences and blocks, because allegedly if you don't do the post room's job for them your shit won't get delivered for weeks) Due to the sheer quantity of envelopes this task was pretty fraught and in fact I ended up not getting a lunchbreak on Friday. Seeing as the other guy decided he'd have a lunchbreak three times as long as he should, I was quite annoyed!

Bleeding Tower of Pisa

Bleeding Tower of Pisa has one of the best map names I've ever heard but that's pretty much the best thing about it! With over 400 monsters, and an initial wide open area dominated by the blood-soaked construction that gives the map its name, it promised to be a classic. But the vast majority of the map is very cramped hallways and passages, and areas with a consistent theme but completely separate from and bearing no relation to each other. I guess it was made in a time when most people's computers would slow to a crawl when presented with a hundred-monster firefight in a huge outdoor space but nevertheless it was disappointing.

Plus, there are very few maps which have a whole lot of areas leading off from different sides and heights of a big lift and which aren't made really annoying waiting for the damn thing to reach the floor you want. I've just discovered that the same author made Metro13, so I know he's capable of better... Oh look, there even is a site with all his maps handily collected together.