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rock your soul and make the building shake

oooooh feel good ooooh yeah yeah oooooh fe feel good ooooh hooooo
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fuckwit convention caricatured

Finally after like five months the pictures from the rogue channel's visit to a public house have been scanned and uploaded

Followup to the third to last paragraph of this update. Coincidentally, the job mentioned in the final paragraph turned up on Unitemps the other day, which was kind of funny

? has requested we send you details of job

Okay somebody's being an idiot


A friend of yours, ?, has requested we send you information on the following job:
B7388 - Digital Preservation Department - Unix Systems Administrator

Further information about this job is available on the Capita RAS website via the link below:

Sender: ?   a@a.a

Capita RAS Online Services

For fucks sake the closing date is tomorrow, it requires 2-3 years experience, and more importantly to leave home. Along with the dubious anonymity I can only conclude I'm being trolled