06/10/2003 @18:39:56 ^21:21:12

I went to watch the snooker but it had been rained off

It's been a while since I've had to go to sleep early on a Sunday and been out all day Monday, so that I have a new Dreem Teem Presents recording to listen to when I get home. Of course when I have no reason to maintain a sensible sleeping schedule and it ends up like I'm living somewhere in the vicinity of Hawaii I would just listen to the show live, but this is a pleasant reminder of the days when, in particular, I'd get home after a day featuring Writing Skills and really be in need of something to cheer me up.

Something Awful's new feature "The Weekend Web" is shaping up to be one of the site's funniest, if the first two are anything to go by. It may be about forums but it reminds me of that thing where you go to livejournal, deadjournal, blurty, or any other of these diary sites, and click the random button until you find one that's hilariously retarded. It's funny and passes the time.

Also on the subject of people who can't seem to bring themselves to type coherently on the internet, and also to answer whoever it was who left the comment "Uhm, 1) who the...? and 2) how'd you get on SNAFU?" I'd like to welcome Towel, one of the denizens of the rogue #warwick, to my somewhat neglected site portal. We do what we can to bring hits to people. Also I removed a couple of sites that have shut down, but none of the ones who haven't updated for ages but still potentially could.