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your teeth are like stars, they come out at night

Coq au Vin, more like Chicken on a Lorry

Week two of work in student finances

or the academic office or whatever the hell the branch of Senate House in which I have been spending my weekdays is called. Mostly I am doing one of the following things

Note that it's all internal, that is everything I'm doing boils down to manipulation of the student finance database. I didn't think they'd trust me doing anything that actually fucked with other people's money, but on one occasion I was given a number of pieces of paper with credit card details of people who'd phoned in to pay their fees or whatever. I was shown how to use the card machine to put the charges onto their accounts. I found this utterly hilarious. One false move and some poor gobshite might find himself thousands of pounds in the red! Oh snap! I don't think I screwed up but only got to do it the one time.

Anyway as you might have guessed I am utterly convinced of my own incompetence, so it was all the more surprising when my boss asked me if I was available again next week. I'm not sure I like the idea of being on campus all day during term time, but I'm getting paid for it, so whatever. Unitemps did say the job was for two or possibly three weeks.

Then a guy in green ran into the bar and killed both imps with his shotgun. The end.

Finally I got around to upgrading PRBoom from 2.2.3 to 2.2.4; the changes are minimal, largely fixes for bugs that I didn't even know existed.

The one thing that is noticeably different is that when you're using the map cheat, collectables that count towards your item percentage at the end of each map are shown as a yellow triangle instead of the usual green triangle. This is funny because one of the things I miss about DIY is my rewrite of the map cheat that didn't just highlight items in this way but drew all the important objects in the game differently. For example demons were small pink triangles, cyberdemons were large brown triangles, and weapons were purple and had their own shape. I used to reckon that, using it, you could play the game entirely on the map, though in practice that didn't work out, because you wouldn't see if you'd fallen in a trench or stepped under a crusher or whatever.

I tried the experimental 2.3.0 release. It compiled but didn't run, and I was too lazy to investigate further. I haven't played the game that much recently either, but here are some wads:

Right that's enough for now. The next thing to look at will probably be Southern Cross: Gold Edition. I've played the first level of the original edition and it was good, and this one's supposed to be all spruced up so yeah it should be even better.