12/04/2003 @19:25:25 ^00:07:46

Much of this update was written a few hours ago, but at the time triv was down. We thought this was because Simon was moving house and in particular his servers, but as it turned out:

Apologies for the disappearance from the Internet of triv.org.uk today. This was due to someone unplugging my gateway box, which resulted in a necessary manual hard disk check.

Less than three

Remember last year when I decided that I had to make a track called technical difficulties? Well, this year, for vaguely similar reasons I have to make a track called less than three.

I've tried starting it a few times but failed miserably, up until this afternoon, when I managed to fling down three and a quarter minutes of drum and bass. I've made some silly vocal samples but I'm on the lookout for someone to make me some more! (yeah Amy you said you'd do some samples for me, come on, cough up)

Less than eleven

I managed to break eleven minutes on Blastem2!! Oh man! Times I've recorded today, in order of their being recorded, are:

11'34", 10'41", 12'05", 10'56", 12'11"

Two under eleven minutes. However, quite frankly a lot of it's about luck.

Thus I'm still not sure about this "under 10 minutes" thing; it's going to require lots of luck and damn near flawless play. I might just get annoyed and give up; that last 12'11" was irritating to say the least. I ran out of rockets and had to shoot the tower barons with my ssg! No wonder it took so long:/

Anyway. Instead of the usual link to the wad on Doomworld's idgames archive interface have a link to the map author's site on which there is a page (well, a frame) of maps including Blastem2.

Heh. I might be obsessed with a map and a slave to a game nearly ten years old but at least I'm not this guy.