30/04/2003-01/05/2003 @01:16:24 ^03:03:36

Oh man, every so often something happens that makes you really happy. This was in an email from Nelis:

I never showed up to your birthday in the end, despite saying that I would and you probably need cheering up. So instead of the few cans/bottle of Vodka that I'd have invariably brought from a nearby offie so we could all get trashed and more depressed ...

Behold! Your own SA phorum account!

Basically I read this, turned away from the screen and collapsed laughing onto my bed for about half an hour until I was nearly in tears. Damnit. And he's right, I do need cheering up. I'm quite close to writing one of my enormous dreadful angsty rants about how I can't do anything without screwing it up. Again. Heh.

A couple of changes to SNAFU: This weird shite, written by Graham was added and then I was reminded that since Bex got married this weekend (yeah, bloody hell) her surname had changed. I would credit the person who pointed this out to me, but his hatred of weblogs is well known, so I'm guessing he wouldn't appreciate it if his name appeared on one:)