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lol prankd

Earlier I wrote about linking to Jules' Blog and how it wasn't on snafu. Well afterwards I was talking to the owner, who was concerned at the lack of traffic to her site. So I said I'd put her on snafu because that would probably generate some. She said she thought she wasn't allowed to be on it, as she didn't go to Warwick. But in fact the criterion for being on snafu is that I feel like putting you on there and if I've asked you you haven't told me not to. So there you go.

The funny bit comes later when CDave asks me to track Jules' site, not knowing I've already put it up. I was warned about this in advance and so we decided to prank him. So I'm all like "Ooh, no, that girl is the product of Satan!" CDave says I should rename it to "Site Notification Alerts For Updates" so it's generalised enough so I can add other sites from outside the university. I think that's a pretty clever name. He's making his own version, apparently, which has an equally tortuous name in order to be a humourous acronym. Well anyway we eventually tell him and he's like "What? Your site... Bitch!" and I fall off my chair laughing.

Yeah I guess you had to be there. Oh well at least this was a relatively upbeat little entry and not a rant about how people need to shut the hell up when I ask them to or at least go and make their own bloody channel because what they're talking about is upsetting me. I swear I'm going to start saying things back that are just as hurtful then go "now you know how I feel" Or at least make use of the "ban" function

PS Apparently Matt can play Doom on his house network now. I'm jealous, or at least I would be if there was ever anyone in my house who'd play it with me. But I am alone in my ivory tower, so I just shoot the computer-controlled monsters instead.