31/07/2003-01/08/2003 @02:39:23 ^03:29:35

I have decided against posting the long thing I wrote last night. My aim, to avoid the morons that make me mad, is not achieved writing posts about them. Instead it either encourages more contact, or deliberate ignorance on their part, making me wonder why the hell I'm not getting a response. This is unacceptable.

Anyway here are some humourous parodies and pranks based on goatse.cx

I was trying to work out why I think goatse is so funny. It's not the picture, which is just like yeah whatever seen it a million times before. No, it's the association. The history. The reaction you get when some people see it (Bex said she said she hadn't seen it, which I thought was bullcrap because it had been posted on .misc years ago, but anyway she went there and after a silence of a couple of minutes she was all like "URGH URGH URGH URGH MING MING MING", it was hysterical) The pranks, parodies, spoofs and other crap people have done with it since (imagine using logging into a computer called goatse. Imagine your network's firewall/router is called goatse. If you don't think this is hilarious we have incompatible senses of humour)

It's really a running gag, plain and simple, an internet in-joke, which at least for me hasn't yet gotten old and completely run into the ground. I guess it'll go stale eventually but as long as there are people making original works based around it and more importantly as long as there are people disgusted by it I think it will continue.