25/05/2003 @11:17:54 ^11:30:33

The plan to go see The Matrix Reloaded this afternoon at the Skydome is to catch the 3pm showing, arriving at around half two or quarter to three. I know that's pretty early, but in case the queue's pretty long, I'd rather avoid missing the start or whatever. Feel free to show up, I guess

http://www.phys.warwick.ac.uk/teach/mathphys/year3b_reg.html: Seems that Writing Skills is still a required course, but it has been renamed to Communicating Science and one or two of the six assignments have changed. I am very glad that my earlier discovery to the contrary turned out to be incorrect and the little bastards do indeed have to suffer like I did...

I will update about the acquisition from Maplin of a load of cables (audio leads for recording tracks, serial cables for linking computers together...) later.