20/04/2003 @17:12:31 ^20:26:56


I've got my decent chair back. My mum's managed to have a new covering put on the seat, one that's supposedly more hard-wearing and so hopefully won't get a hole in it. Perhaps unfortunately the seat is now a kind of greyish blue colour which doesn't match the light grey of the back. However, I don't care. It's functional. I prefer that to looks (which is why I like my desk, a long piece of wood placed on a cupboard and a couple of tables) Also the seat matches the carpet in my room, vaguely.


So yesterday I went and bought some Easter eggs for Amy in another blatant attempt to score. Vulture points. Score vulture points, sorry. Some catching up was necessary following Spark's decision to host her website. I am sure you'll instantly realise that that means her weblog is back with a vengeance! You may well have already noticed its return to snafu. Hooray!

OMFG LINX0R (some not work-safe)


Yeah, you know that. Screw Christianity - why is Easter located on the Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox? Does that sound like something out of the Bible? I don't know, but it sounds more like a pagan thing, about the beginning of spring and new life, to me. I should research my posts more, really.

After dinner I shall try to get myself invited over to Kimber & Kirk's Freehouse in order to get the girl to share those eggs with me. She said she would, but since it was also about not being alone and bored in an empty house, and Matt (who hates people inviting themselves round, heh) has returned the idea might crash. I'll try not to be too bothered though because I've got enough of my own eggs here (my mum said she wasn't going to bother but... heh)

And of course there's always Doom:) This week's newstuff is concerned entirely with the sort of old style maps that I like, so I shall play some of them and even maybe post reviews in the comments thread...


Somewhat predictably there was no answer and there's no way I'm ringing the house phone because like I say Matt hates it. So, to use a terrible and totally unoriginal pun, I'm doomed :D LOL :D

I should have had the foresight to "accidentally" leave my hat behind, so I'd have an excuse to go back to fetch it, or something lololololol