12/02/2003 @17:03:21 ^17:58:36

So SNAFU seems to have been well-received by those who are on it... It does its checking a bit more often. I decided an hour is insufficiently frequent, despite the bandwidth. If I get any complaints I'll put it back, of course. I still think there aren't enough sites on it but... I suppose I could extend its scope... And yes, its icon is a joke.

I would like to emphasise that it is not a competition. The most recently updated sites go at the top. That just makes it easier for readers to use. More pivotally, it is how it works on the site from which I stole the idea.

In fact it can't be a competition because it's simply not accurate enough. Too many false changes are detected. They annoy me. To be honest I might take the damn thing down, unless anyone actually relies on it.

It seems the host has MySQL now. Nelis is experimenting, I shall have to as well... but to tell you the truth after a month or so of site programming and database crap I want to do something different.

The obvious choice is making patches for PRBoom. I've been looking through various Doom sources a fair amount but it's been ages since I made any changes to any of them. But since the last time I mentioned it the realisation struck me that any changes I make should be to the CVS version rather than the last released version, which is now about six months old. From what I've seen CVS has a lot of new stuff in it that looks... interesting...

I guess I'd better work out how to use CVS.