04/10/2003 @20:32:46 ^23:15:28


scampi.swf is apparently the followup to badger.swf. I still think odd.swf is better than both of them but I haven't yet watched any of the others.

I'm just glad it wasn't raining

With one important exception week 3 of work in the academic office was much the same as week 2. Get pile of cheques, write them out onto payment sheets and enter them into the system. Check the stuff other people have put in is correct. Repeat.

The exception was Thursday afternoon. Due to the absence of another guy I was roped into delivering boxes of instructions for online module registration to departments all over main campus. Oh fun! Inaccessible buildings, heavy boxes and stone-faced deparmental secretaries galore!

But I've been asked to go back for yet another week. Hopefully without the unexpected manual labour. Oh yeah, unless you absolutely have to I'd advise you to stay away from the office for a while because the queues outside are pretty long.


My cousin and her two sons came to my house last week. I haven't seen my cousinishes for a long time and how little we seem to have in common any more would sadden me if I didn't find horrible stereotypes so hilarious. The elder one is seventeen and a half and from his cap, tracksuit, signet rings and trainers (complete with those godsawful half-socks that end below the ankles) to his two-year smoking habit and mobile phone whose screen reads "Rach 4eva", he is about as townie as it is possible to be.

The younger one has just turned fourteen and is therefore even more mumblingly surly than he used to be and when he does open his mouth it's usually to insult you. It's a shame because I think he's pretty clever but suffers from the same low opinion of himself that's plagued me my whole life, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I'd like to tell him to fucking stop it lest he find himself up shit creek one day but I have no idea how.

They both have ridiculously thick Coventry accents, which raised a peculiar issue for me because all of a sudden I found myself using longer words than usual, and pronouncing everything as correctly as I could. This was in contrast to how dumb I found myself trying to sound and how much of an accent I was putting on when I was going around with those boxes. I don't know why my brain would act differently in this way, especially since usually I wish I had a thick midlands accent of my own and didn't sound so much like a fucking ponce. I hate my voice.