31/01/2003 @13:22:51 ^15:11:51

New email address

Short version: use one of the addresses on the contact page

I got a nasty letter from Zetnet this morning trying to charge me for another year of dialup, and more importantly for this update, email service.

Obviously I don't want to have to pay them whatever just to hold my domain name and host a pop3 mail account for me but I didn't know what else to do. I mean there are choices:

What about if I relax the conditions and say "screw trying to keep my old address", risking missing some email (I don't get much anyway) and giving you new address to use... I don't like my domain name very much anyway, like Simon once told me it's like way too long...

I saw the quickest and dirtiest solution was the last one. I've just removed all references to my old email address and replaced them with the ntl one because that one should at least work most of the time, even if my computer's not switched on. Sorry for the inconvenience but I didn't know what else to do, I am at a loss and quite frankly I panicked.

In summary if you want to email me you will probably have to use one of the (mangled) addresses on the contact page. Once again, my apologies.