17/04/2003 @19:53:41 ^20:43:02

Well it seems the server move went well enough, I didn't notice much downtime at all but then I wasn't really looking. Also let me link to The Something Awful Forums, they've been partially opened to the public again for a short time. Enjoy it while you can - or buy an account:) (I would but I have no money:\ )

It was a beautiful day both yesterday and today but of course I didn't take advantage of that at all. In fact I mostly had the curtains drawn, because I can't see the screen properly when playing Doom otherwise.

The usual Easter fair has appeared in my part of the world. I saw an advertising board that announced it would be operating from today, the seventeenth, up to and including the twenty-sixth. Not only is there a small rollercoaster but also this huge thing that looks like a cross between a crane and a propellor. I want to know what it does...

Last night I wanted to be able to write an update that contained something like this

...Amy's gone home, so we can all relax, put our feet up, crack open a cold one, and take a week off from being vultures. Heh...

primarily because I thought it was hilarious. But it turned out not to be the case. Mind you, you can hardly blame anyone who puts off a five hour train journey that involves the polluted dark tunnels and the mechanical snakes of human pâté that comprise the London Underground.