30/03/2003 @14:29:43 ^14:51:43

The gates on the drivers' car park at TWM used to have an electronic locking system. Two heavy motorised gates that were opened by the insertion into the appropriate receptacle of a card, around the size but twice the thickness and thrice the weight of a typical credit card.

However, the system was fairly old and sometimes, the gates would get stuck. The solution, the owners decided, was a padlock. They put in different gates, and there was a padlock, for which I assume drivers were issued with a key. But of course no-one could be bothered with this padlock, and so most of the time, the gates were open for anyone to walk in.

Anyway so the point of all this is that last weekend, my dad's car turned up, in a scrapyard. Having disappeared from the drivers' car park a few days previously, it had been used in a crime, discarded, and burnt out.

Apparently he's not so bothered, he was thinking of getting another car soon anyway. But there were things in it that were lost, and I still felt a kind of helplessness that made me angry, even though it's not my car and nothing to do with me... It was unpleasant. It has caused a certain amount of inconvenience as my mum's car now has to be shared between the both of them. This seems to be working, somehow, for the moment, but you know. I feel a bit sick...

At least the clocks have gone forward today. That's always good.