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Milk Bottle Day

It's ten years since the day, 10th April 1993. I was covering for my friend's paper round (he was on a family holiday or something) at some enormous and foreboding house, fighting with the huge lump of Saturday papers and trying to get them through the excruciatingly tiny letter box. Disaster occurred, I accidentally knocked over one of their milk bottles and it shattered... Scared out of my wits by fear of recrimination and not knowing any other way to deal with the situation I simply ran for dear life. It was with a hunted, paranoid, constantly ready to take flight attitude that I endured the remainder of my time covering the round, and the day itself gained its name forever...

Fast forward ten years and it's like yet more of the reason that I'm still stuck in my house instead of being out there in the world enjoying the supposed prime of my life. And I heard that my site has apparently been sounding a lot more sane recently, instead of "the gradual decline of a man", as well. Right, okay. Anyway screw this, let's talk about something enjoyable.

Recordings for Blastem2 continue to be made. This afternoon I could only manage a 12'37" which made me think maybe my 12'08" from a couple of days ago was a fluke. However at about half past six I gave it another go and got an 11'56"! But it gets better...

22:33 <RjY> OMFG YES
22:34 <RjY> 11'28"

Yeah I broke not only twelve minutes, but eleven and a half minutes too! I'm now thinking under eleven minutes is possible, but my eventual goal of "less than ten minutes" still seems quite a way off.

A few additions to SNAFU:

...some time later...

Blast it. I've had this thing open for ages and I'm sure there was something else I was going to go on about but I forgot it. Damn IRC, oh well. I have to remember to fix a link in yesterday's update now having inadvertently brought a bug in Matt's site scripts to his attention:)