13/06/2003 @12:17:55 ^13:24:27

The rumours are true: I am indeed going to release some records tomorrow to mark the 10th anniversary of anARCHy tracks. If you know what's good for you, you'll keep the negative comments to yourself.

The longer you leave your site without an update, the more you have to update about when you come back to it. Simply put, I have a big list of stuff on which to write updates, and they are all vaguely related. Therefore, either I sit here for six hours writing a very long article, which will undoubtedly depress me, and be ignored by, or irritate anyone else; or I say screw that for a game of soldiers, and instead go on about snafu.

We welcome mf, whose site has been described elsewhere as minimalist and who himself has been described as unknown. His partner in crime Spark has also made a weblog, but it's not ready yet so I'm not posting the URL. Mind you, you could probably work out where it is. I did and I am a complete retard.

Talking of Spark and my being a complete retard:

12/06 16:45 - 12/06 16:50
 <Spark> add goatse to snafu
   <RjY> 1645 <Spark> add goatse to snafu <- quoted for future reference
 <Spark> for when people go 'why did you add goatse to snafu'
       * RjY shakes his head
   <RjY> no-one's noticed, have they?
   <RjY> it was the funniest thing ever and no-one has noticed
   <RjY> oh well
   <RjY> for your comfort and convenience, please type /clear
 <Spark> never mind

This was hilarious, because I already did, nearly a month ago. Maybe if I post about it, someone will actually notice. It's a shame I have to spoil it like this, but I've been waiting since the nineteenth of last month for someone to go "Oh for gods' sakes, Rob" and it hasn't happened. I guess it's just too subtle.