13/03/2003 @21:16:32 ^22:55:06

Feel the fear and do it anyway lololol

As I hinted at before in previous updates, a few days ago I told a few people that since I've got the house to myself this Saturday night I should have a party, it was a joke because, you know, huge teenage cliche, have a party when your parents are out of town or whatever, hilarious. Unfortunately those people took it seriously and my following thoughts about what would happen if a load of people came round my house scared me to death. On the other hand I feel that it would be a grossly wasted opportunity not to invite people around on this one occasion that I can and I would regret it terribly.

So I've changed my mind. If you want, you can come to my house on Saturday. That's the fifteenth of march, two thousand and three. I'm not calling it a party but you know.

Please email rjyoung at ntlworld dot com if you want to go

I can't have too many people there nor can I provide accommodation... sorry... see, this is important, my mum can't find out or I'm dead;) (she can't use the internet, she'll never see this, heh)

No guarantees can be made over the quality of the entertainment or the mood I'll be in, heh. Also, this is a serious post. I'm just really, really nervous. Please tell me you won't be a jerk, please.


Happy birthday to Doomworld which is 5 today. The sort-of new (a beta has been around for a while) WAD search engine is the best thing ever:)

Finally, I'd like to quote a recent post to uwarwick.misc for being hilarious.

We r teenagers. y wld we want 2 spell correctly...even if we r in d top 5%???