01/04/2003 @20:30:04 ^23:48:06

It's April Fool's day. I did have an evil little thing planned. However I decided it might be a bad idea and chickened out... I dare say enough comedy value will be generated sooner or later anyway, so never mind.

That's not to say there weren't enough April Fool gags flying around. For example Something Awful did another fake front page and Doomworld put up a story about how all the staff had quit and the site was basically dead. According to the comments thread a few people even fell for it, heh.

My dad's apparently found a replacement, well, at least a temporary replacement, for his car. According to my mum he wants a decent one that'll last for years but he needed one pretty quickly so he didn't have to keep stealing hers. So he's gone and got one that was a lot cheaper than he was expecting to pay but is really good value or something. Don't ask me why it would be good value, but I guess it's good news.

Finally for posterity I'd like to post this.
19/03 23:59 <RjY> honestly it's like vultures round a corpse or something :\