23/11/2003 @21:41:07 ^23:01:36


Damnit I was so happy I burst into tears


I'm no longer searching for forms that probably don't exist or are in bits and will never be found properly. I have finally moved on to doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing, that is going through the boxes that have already been scanned and making sure that's been done properly. It's easy, I get to use the computer, and there is the sense of making some sort of progress.

I still don't have my own login, but, uh... I know people's passwords, so, uh... yeah, at least I can get on with my stuff without having to pester people in the mornings. I still have my desk. I'm still doing cards but the machine and I get on pretty well now. Indeed now if the person is there waiting for their card I'll ask them if they want their photo retaking as well. If they do, I get to fuck with the camera, which is even more fun!

The academic office did a big thing for Children In Need so hardly any work got done on Friday. There was a raffle and a buffet. I didn't win anything but spent the whole day full of cake, crisps and chocolate. All in all it was a damn good week.

Seriously, savour the moment, how often do I go "best week ever"?

caco lives. CACO LIVES. I made a decision to spend some money on the grounds that "if this doesn't work I can afford it haha" and bought some stuff and it worked. I looked at it and had the thought. "caco lives." I only got as far as the L before I burst into tears from sheer joy.

I'm serious. CACO LIVES. I'll explain all this shit when I get time.

That was Saturday afternoon, anyway. When I'd calmed down a bit I thought the only way this day could get any better would be for me to break the blastem2 speedrunning record by some large margin...

...2'41". OH SNAP. I spotted a minor route adjustment that took four fucking seconds off the time. Of course if only I could just record a demo that wasn't full of stupid fuckups like catching the wall and losing all your speed when running round a corner...