23/12/2003 @17:52:49 ^23:33:09


I'd been planning it for ages* I spent all Sunday afternoon making this

*"pacman ghosts rolling their eyes" wasn't just a random comment. It's actually an ancient windup toy which sits on top of my monitor. It was based on the game though, it has "™©Bally/Midway" written underneath

yay I finished work

Friday was the last day before Christmas for many people so the level of music was even greater than usual. Imagine christmas songs and some old Take That album at the same time. I had no choice. I yanked the earphones cable out the side of my monitor! BOOM TISK BOOM TISK HARDCORE YOU KNOW THE SCORE all afternoon baby. Later on I ran strobe.php when nobody was looking!

Today they shut the place down early. I left at half two. It was raining. In spite of this I was still going to walk home but I left at exactly the same time as Sparkette and it turned out we were going in roughly the same direction so I ended up getting the bus. Fortunately somehow there weren't too many long awkward silences. I made fun of her posh home counties accent but didn't say "oh snap I know this guy who looks just like you"

I go back on the fifth, much to the delight of the postgraduate office who think I'm great. I think this is because I do jobs for them but they don't pay for me (the undergraduate office does) They bought me a present which was really embarrassing nice of them

I really should finish the story of caco man it's been like three weeks