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Today's map review was going to be a 20-level set called Real World but as Doomworld's idgames frontend still hasn't updated, I can't make a nice link to it. Apparently, the database update scripts are not crontabbed and need to be run manually, so it could be a day or two yet. However to save time I will say now that it's an update to 8pack, which was reviewed in this week's newstuff. Bizarrely, its author chose to release 8 maps in plenty of time for newstuff, then, scant hours after newstuff was published, rerelease with 12 more.

According to Felix that AOL CD could have been worth something. Oh well.

It's 10 years since an unpleasant event which came to be known as Phone Day. The short version is that, at the end of term, the girl on whom I had a huge crush had dared me to call her, not expecting that I'd actually do it. It was pretty awkward, since she really didn't like me at all by that stage. The resulting negativity cascade in my brain made the summer that much more unbearable, especially since much of the time I had nothing to do other than sit and think. I don't think this incident was the cause of my loathing of telephones, but it certainly nixed any chance of recovery any time soon afterwards.

Since, uh, "taking a holiday from" IRC I've spent a gratuitous amount of time on the SA forums. I managed to identify an old drum and bass record (Terrorist by Ray Keith) simply from alright now i'm listening to jungle and boom tss KA tika BOODAKA tikka tikka PSSH kerk ka BOONTS BOONTS. This cheered me up no end. Here is the thread, though since it's in FYAD linking to it from here is pretty much useless. I'm only really posting about it because I am horribly insecure (well Spark says so and he's right about everything!) and desperately crave your approval.

I am of course reminded of the time when I was walking home from school with a couple of acquaintances and a car drove past with bass booming out of it; they were suitably unimpressed but I was all like "Hey, that's Alex Reese's Pulp Fiction!" I'm sure I'd get on with people I know better if I were like this with all that guitary shite they seem to like, but there you go. Also I know I've told this story about a million times before, but apparently not on here.