23/08/2003-24/08/2003 @00:04:22 ^01:20:27

I'd like to send out a big "screw you" and "which part of 'leave me the hell alone' do you not understand" to all the morons who saw fit to write anger-inducingly stupid site updates or pathetic emails or even - and I really, really can't believe this - godsdamn turn up without warning at my bleeding house in the recent past. If you want my entire head to explode in a fit of rage you're going the right bloody way about it.

Furthermore it seems there are a number of gross retards who misinterpreted my last update; unless, and admittedly this is highly likely, it was I who misinterpreted their inane rantings. But just to clarify, I didn't ever say "I am going to stop updating this site completely". Paraphrasing slightly, it was more like the following:

I really should close this site because I have nothing to say to anyone who I know used to read it nor am I doing (or will do in the forseeable future) anything even remotely worth posting about

Note "really should" not "will"; I am not about to close the site. It bears repeating, because I know not only how I have a long history of people misinterpreting me but also how stupid you are: I am not about to close the site. The point was to explain in advance why it is highly unlikely that I will post updates more often than, oh, say, once or twice a month. Do you dribbling cretins follow me now?