05/07/2003-06/07/2003 @02:23:08 ^02:40:11

Well I was going to upload another mp3 today but I never got round to it

However I converted 7 of them into audio files and wrote them onto a CD-RW disc. I was rather put out to discover that only the two CD drives in this computer would touch it; my stereo, the CDROM drive in the Risc PC and the CD player in my mum's car all spat it out in disgust.

So I tried making a CD-R disc with the same tracks. I was very happy, not to mention quite relieved, to find that it played back in my stereo.

It did jump a lot, but then my stereo's CD drives jump a lot these days anyway. I hardly use them, it's more convenient to use the computer's CD drives, and let the sound card mix it with whatever else the computer's doing - playing Doom without sound is a terrible handicap, heh.

Anyway I guess I'll send the CD-R to Elliot as I promised him ages ago I'd make him some CDs. His stereo's about two years newer than mine so it should be able to play it. This week it will have been a year since he sent me a tape, the second side of which I still haven't played.

Final note: I need to find out why my CD writer wouldn't write a CD-R faster than 12x speed... Some stupid reason, I don't know...