07/10/2003 @18:36:10 ^20:47:01


Remember that every time you find rockets in some map and don't know whether or not to pick them up

It's bloody dark in here

A couple of days ago, one of my sets of fairy lights (can't call them christmas lights because they're up all year round) decided to fail. None of the bulbs light which suggests that the fuse has gone. I can't replace the fuse bulb in case the replacement follows suit. I suppose I have to check each bulb, but if I have to replace the fuse to do that the whole thing's fucking screwed! Oh no what do I do

At last, the followup to Which of RjY's treasured possessions will break next

but at least the internet isn't quite as broken any more

*.com no longer resolves to an IP address. Apparently that was fixed a few days ago. I never even saw the thing to which it was supposed to resolve before because it was always down, heh