28/10/2003 @07:17:17 ^07:50:15

Here is a special report because I woke up way too early and have time to waste (you know the deal, it would have been right on time IF IT WERE STILL LAST WEEK BEFORE THE CLOCKS WENT BACK)

Anyway yesterday I heard, on uwarwick.announce of all places, about some scam whereby you get an email asking you to divulge account numbers and whatever so your funds might be spirited away to the land of Thugs, Bitches and Ice. It's well made and looks official, as does the the site to which it links. Compare that recent virus that replicated by fooling people into thinking it was from Microsoft Update.

Apart from noting my bank was one of the ones affecting and sniggering at morons who'd be taken in by what was to me "just a different sort of 419" I didn't take much notice. That is until I got home and found an email from my bank telling me exactly the same thing, ignore these official looking emails etcetc.

But for some reason it had taken over fourteen hours to be delivered. If my bank were Flash Gordon we'd all be dead by now! HAHAHA