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I could leave it without updating, or I could do what I did yesterday...

biblio1.wad or The Library. This is a single map for Doom 2 (from this week's newstuff again) There's a background story in the text file which gives it a little extra spice: it seems you're the caretaker in a downtown library and you've locked yourself in with a bunch of "satanist skinheads"! Anyway, the first part, the part that actually looks like a library, is well made. However, towards the end, and for no good reason, there is a maze (ugh) textured entirely in scrolling tormented faces (urgh) and lit by a strobe (oh man) This is clearly not good level design (and thankfully is rarely seen in new levels these days) Gameplay is mostly pretty easy. The monsters are few, and are mostly zombies, but there's very little health so you have to be careful. The keys are hard to find, indeed I needed the map editor to work out how to get the yellow one. In summary this started off a fairly decent map with a quirky and intriguing story line, but I didn't like the yellow key puzzle. And that maze really sucked. I don't like mazes at the best of times, and thankfully this one was pretty simple, but still.

In other news