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I am part of a bunch of people (at time of writing, the others include, well, lots, but in particular, BabyDave, ObMatt, and Warwick) who want to go and see Reloaded this weekend.

I was thinking Sunday afternoon at the Skydome. The best time has not yet been found but apparently it's on every hour on the hour, so there's plenty of choice. We can't decide between the afternoon or the evening; most people have no preference, so one person could swing it.

So if you're reading this and are interested, get on IRC or whatever and talk to me about it.

eleven tracked sites

SNAFU welcomes Julie, who started a weblog, and posted it to the triv lists, but said she didn't want to be listed with her full name; and James "Boony" Boon who dropped into #warwick this evening and actually asked me to add his site. I figured, what the hell. I had considered adding it back when I wrote snafu, but had decided not to, because it's not a site I read much... (sorry, but there you go...)

day four

Final(*) day of work was a bit different. We finished the forms by about 11am, so we had to check some of them. You check and correct 10% of the total number of forms, and note how many are wrong, then you have 10% you know are correct and an estimate of whatever percent of the rest are correct. If that estimate isn't high enough you have to carry on checking. But by then it was time to go home.

There were 1000 forms, so each of us got 250 and had to check 25. Now you had to pick those 25 at random... Of course the only way I could even begin to decide which numbers to use was to be a complete nerd and do this:

perl -e '@a=(501..750);
  for ($i=0; $i<25; $i++) { $j=int rand @a; push @b, splice @a,$j,1; };
  for (sort @b) { printf "%5s", $_; }; print "\n";'

I'm sorry, but there you go. I don't even think it's very efficiently written. Also I wanted to post some of the more humourous form responses, but I haven't been bothered to look through the data I saved very much, and anyway most of it doesn't work out of context. I'm sorry, it turns out work isn't that good a source of comedy value, you just have to be there...

(*)Not quite final:) They want us back for one more day next week. I accepted pretty much immediately... I mean it's not like I've got anything else to do, and... more wedge, heh.

Hmm this update doesn't read very well as I've been on IRC at the same time as writing it. But screw it.