04/02/2003 @21:45:49 ^23:17:51

I redid the archive back to a monthly index of links. It required slightly more complex code (like this thing could be called "complex" at all anyway...) but it works better with Google, which follows links but doesn't do forms.

Also, Felix sent me some screenshots from his Mac, remember? So there was my nice greyscale site. Except the selector. Which was in aqua...

Of course, with no selector, there was no easy way to get a link to any given update, only the final one in each month. So I changed the heading, from this,

<h1><span class="entry">DATE</span></h1>

to this,

<h1><a class="eh" href="?t=TIME">DATE</a></h1>

Basically I have a link duplicating what the old span did, and at the very same time, being a link as well! Neat, huh? Well it will be if it works correctly in all browsers. Which it won't because they're dumb. Remember, whatever you do, don't use IE!