24/02/2003 @23:44:05 ^00:59:56

Second update today, heh.

The perils of poor timing

It's Monday night, around ten to nine. There's a TV show on that you usually watch, but you've momentarily forgotten about it and gone on IRC. It turns out to be another dreadful coincidence. You find some people you know arranging an impromptu gathering, at which it is subsequently made clear you are not welcome.

You spend the rest of the evening sulking and unable to concentrate on or be pleased about anything, even when you finally managed to beat that pesky Doom map that has so far eluded you (because of that blasted megasphere which must be collected, despite that it requires being bounced by an archvile to get it) If you hadn't gone on IRC, you'd never have known! Thus, no problem!

I am reminded of many previous similar occurrences. A good example would be the house drama contest at school in 1997. Naturally, I wasn't in my house's production, but I knew the people who'd made a custom comedy version of Cinderella for another house. It seemed like it was all I'd been hearing about for the previous month, so I had decided to go.

Anyway afterwards they went for a post-competition drink in the pub up the road and again I felt it was made abundantly clear that I wasn't invited. I mean after the end of the event people were milling around and they'd all disappeared until one of them came up to me and it was like "if you see any of the of the others, tell them we're going for a drink" No "hey you should come as well" Then the next day they were like "why didn't you come with us" which just made it worse, yeah, pretend like I would have been welcome when it's all well over with.

So, yeah, I don't take rejection well. I've spent much time over the years trying to force my brain into not being bothered, and I have partially succeeded; both of these examples above are one or two day aggravations, after which time, becoming no more than other incidents of dark comedy value to sneer about later. But right now the wound is raw and spewing pus onto my keyboard, and my placebo is uploading it to here...