28/01/2003 @19:03:32 ^22:13:33

I was going to write a piece about what I've learned about TCP connections, following my investigations into why so many of mine freeze. However I don't think I've researched it enough yet. I'm only doing it to try and work out whether it's my computer or some part of ntl's connection to it that's at fault. I upgraded my kernel to 2.4.20 (from 2.4.18) yesterday, that made no difference. It's too hard to diagnose a fault when you have no idea really where to start looking. Furthermore I don't see the point in just blathering on when I haven't really any information to impart that I think is actually useful. Probably some kind of irony there.

Instead I could go on about my sleeping patterns, which have gone crazy, and by crazy I mean "normal". Like many unemployed, worthless people, I am accustomed to a sleeping pattern whereby you can't fall asleep until the early hours of the morning yet you cannot wake until noon the following day. But after those two nights when I didn't go to bed a fortnight ago, I've found myself sleeping at normal hours - yesterday, I slept from 11:30pm until 5:50am, what's that about? Today, 9:30pm and already I'm getting drowsy! Wait a minute, stop right there. Who cares about some gobshite's sleeping pattern? You undoubtedly go to sleep every day, I can't tell you anything you don't already know. This is not a good use of bandwidth (but more of that irony)

Okay, this weekend I went to a party. But if you were there, then you know what happened, and if you weren't, any description of events there will be pale and colourless compared to the actual experience, so again, not worth the resources.

So it seems my rebuilding the site hasn't exactly cured my apathy towards posting on it; what I have to say is simply too dull, or too poorly researched, for a wider audience. Also, apparently the layout doesn't look right in IE on Windows or Safari on Mac OS X either, despite it passing the tests from the W3C's various online validators.

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