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Like I said last time I have another temp job in the university. Unitemps simply described it as "Data entry". As I feared would happen, I didn't get any sleep at all before my first day. I eventually found myself at a desk in that office with the counter where you'd go to collect your grant cheques or loans or whatever and it was pretty funny being legitimately on the other side of it.

Turned out I was entering stuff into the student records system (called SITS) or checking that stuff other people had put in was correct or anything else they wanted me to do along those lines. Checking was pretty straightforward, you get a printout of transactions from the system which you check corresponds with the cheques, credit card payment slips, campus or PLU housing fines and charges forms or whatever the hell else came with the printout. It's pretty straightforward but following a fairly rapid explanation and with me in my sleepless state it took me a long time to get the hang of it.

It took me even longer to get the hang of entering data into the records system. For example I had about 140 records of 8 fields each to enter, and as they were all the same type of payment all the fields, except the initial student ID number, were identical. But the system insists you type them all in, you can't just copy the thing and change the number. Furthermore I was told it was easiest to keep a copy of the long string to go into the two description fields in the text buffer and paste it in for each record. It turned out to be very easy to paste this string into the amount field, which would cause the system to throw up all sorts of error messages and lock itself into a state from which the only escape would result in considerable loss of data. It took me about four attempts to get those 140 records in. Apparently its user interface is one of the reasons it will be replaced, and just for emphasis it's worth mentioning that for another bunch of other forms I had to enter, I was greatly relieved to find that I'd be using Excel.

That's pretty much it, except for the following list of semi-humourous events:

Anyway being mostly numbers and codes and stuff it's more difficult work than the forms I was entering for the union in May. PuTTY is available, so I can log in at home without having to pull the same sort of stunts I did before, although apart from lunchtime there isn't really much of an opportunity to do so. But I've got another week there at least and I'm not dreading it because it seems to be going okay. (touch wood)

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