06/02/2003 @13:07:58 ^14:05:29

$ sandbox 3003=1 66=3

Yes finally. Sandbox, my Doom monster fight simulation arena generator, has a command line interface. That means, you don't have to fuck with the start of the code to alter the monster ratio (shown as barons 1 to revenants 3) or the many other variables, e.g. radius, height, wall texture, to name a few.

I know it needs work. Even I can't remember all the so-called DoomEdNum thing numbers; I know 3003 is a baron and 66 is a revenant, because I just tried that combination. Similarly, it's easy to remember that a spiderdemon is 7 and a cyberdemon is 16, but is a hellknight 67 or 68? And what the hell is the number for a cacodemon? I know an archvile is 64, and I think a pain elemental is 71 but I'd have to check. See the problem?

So, it needs some name to number hash. A web interface would be interesting too, wouldn't it..? Well, maybe, but I think it's more important that I patch my DIY modifications, like the Overdetailed Map, into PRBoom first.

DIY's page has gone missing. I find this very upsetting. I used that port for years. I still do. Not as often, because PRBoom is on a machine that's both faster and is connected to the internet. Thus it's more convenient to get the WADs onto it, especially with cable. Also DIY might have a number of features that I wish were in PRBoom, but I can patch them in. I wrote most of these features into DIY in the first place...

Here's a bunch of pictures of all the monsters if you can't remember or are just interested.