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I like writing reviews of Doom maps. This site, in its original incarnation (that is, when I made the graphics and so on in mid 2000) was going to feature a lot of reviews, in fact a review of every map I had ever played.

Unfortunately, back then "review" seemed to take on the meaning "detailed walkthrough and commentary" and the whole thing became hugely bloated and overambitious. The most extreme case would be the review I wrote of TeamTNT's Icarus, the file for which was some 70k long and took about two weeks to finish writing. Now who would read something that long, about a wad that was, at the time, already four years old? It was insane. I should put it up sometime for comedy value.

That doesn't mean I don't want to write map reviews, I just have to be a lot less verbose about it. Doom Underground is a good review site, though the reviews are longer than the sort of thing I want to be writing. Doomworld's newstuff chronicles, now that's about the size for which we want to aim. Having said that, both these examples and indeed all the major review sites provide screenshots which I very much doubt I would ever do.

Anyway here's some more stuff I've played recently.

I know that writing Doom reviews on this site is completely pointless because nobody I know who reads it plays the game. But then I don't share many interests with people I know and even with the ones who do I don't like talking to them about stuff they already know about because I always end up feeling more stupid. Talk to any of the technically-oriented #warwick regulars and you'll realise how little you know about computers, for example.

But hey. On the other hand one day I hope that I might write something about Doom that makes someone go "I wish I knew what he was on about" and bother to play one of the things I mention. Then maybe I could actually have a conversation about it with someone who doesn't fill me with fear because they're a stranger! Oh my, wouldn't that be sweet. I know it's about as likely as a chocolate teapot but still. Like I said, I like writing Doom map reviews.