10/01/2003 @19:03:48 ^20:14:39

I thought I was just yet another bored fuckwit with a pointless website full of crappy e/n updates of interest to no-one. I thought it was visited only by the six or seven people who I've met in real life yet despite my best efforts still think, or pretend to think I'm worth talking to. But no.

Hello #zdoom. It seems the last time I posted quotes from there (November), somebody noticed...

05/01 02:22 - 05/01 02:30
    <gatewatcher> do you think julian will give you the ralphis account 
            <RjY> for which the world and his wife knows the password
 <slowmotionhobo> i wait 20 minutes just to download a damn winamp skin
 <slowmotionhobo> =/
        <Ralphis> hey
        <Ralphis> rjy
            <RjY> heh it's true
        <Ralphis> I'm usually in #zdoom which is currently the busiest 
                  channel, I occasionally say something but mostly I'm 
                  idling. On this occasion I've been doing that, saying 
                  "heh" every so often, etc. Anyway so I switch back from 
                  web browsing and I see some highlighted lines! Someone's
                  mentioned my name, okay, what's going on...
        <Ralphis> ...at which point my jaw hits the keyboard. What? This 
                  guy thinks I'm John Carmack..? Okay I can knock up 
                  stupid scripts to process IRC logs in a few minutes, but
                  ultra-advanced 3d game engines... dear lord... I made 
                  the predictable response.
        <Ralphis> Look familiar RjY?
            <RjY> haha you found my site :)
        <Ralphis> we all did
        <Ralphis> Do you really think we thought you were carmack?
            <RjY> of course not
        <Ralphis> Just wondering
       <Linguica> hey its carmack
         <lament> heh
         <lament> yes
         <lament> he tricked us all
         <lament> he made a fake page
            <RjY> but sometimes i think people can be very dumb
         <lament> so we think he's not carmack
         <lament> but he actually is
        <Ralphis> lament: the page makes it look like we thought he really
                  was carmack
        <Ralphis> oh oh
        <Ralphis> I understand
        <Ralphis> thought you were cracking on me
        <Ralphis> fool
         <lament> yes you see it now
        <Ralphis> IT IS CARMACK
         <lament> it's so obvious once you see it
        <Ralphis> man
         <lament> RjY: YOU'RE CARMACK!
 <slowmotionhobo> url?
        <Ralphis> How could I look right past it?
   <Bloodshedder> wow carmack was right under our noses!
        <Ralphis> http://www.triv.org.uk/~rjy/
            <aca> insane.
        <Ralphis> So carmack, how's the engine coming?
            <RjY> you're all nuts :P
    <gatewatcher> it's dead now
   <Bloodshedder> <carmack> doom3 is canceled
              <-- Sultani has quit ()
        <Ralphis> oh gn0
 <slowmotionhobo> bloodshedder:heh
         <lament> It wasn't all good... Here's the bit where a few of the 
                  more seasoned denizens let slip with a bit of 
                  information, and I find out again what they think of 
                  noobs... However, I love this because this is what I do 
                  best. Idle. Eavedrop. Pick stuff up that I'm not 
                  supposed to know. Fantastic. (Then post it, but censor 
                  it, because if they ever found this page, I'd get banned
                  for sure...)
         <lament> RjY: prepare to get banned FOR SURE!
            <RjY> heh

I'm sorry. I didn't know what more to say and I still don't. I think it was a misunderstanding. I didn't think anyone actually believed I was Carmack, I was merely astounded that anyone might say that I was. It's a subtle difference and the fault is mine for not making it clearer. Furthermore I was astonished anyone was talking to me at all.

I'm also aware that by posting more quotes I'm taking the risk of the same thing happening again, but I feel this was necessary to say. Once again, my apologies.