11/04/2003 @23:38:01 ^00:46:32

Ancient popcorn

So I went downstairs to make lunch, and found there was no bread currently available. But all was not lost, I managed to cook a panful of noodles, and it was good! Inspired, I went and found the ancient bag of pan popcorn I've had forever. It was best before July 1996 or something(!)

Screw it though, I cooked it and it was really nice. Honestly there was so much salt in the butter... I managed to overcook it a little, and there are some black marks in the pan that just wouldn't come off even after ten minutes hard scrubbing with various cleaning fluids. Oh well. It's not a pan that gets used for anything else much. I guess I can count this experiment as a success.

Blastem2 stuff

This is becoming far too regular a feature, heh. Anyway I've achieved:

I know some time could be shaved off from that but enough to take it below eleven minutes? I'm not sure...


Firstly I noticed Bex's site had updated but snafu hadn't noticed. It turns out in order to implement her domain name there is a tiny site at www.debecca.com that puts her real site www.debecca.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk in a frame. Snafu was looking at this tiny redirection site, rather than the real one. Fortunately I'd coded it so that it could check a different URL from the one to which it links, so the problem was easily fixed.

On a sadder note snafu noticed something wrong with Amy's site. It turns out they're spring cleaning in the computer science department and they decided to purge old accounts. I guess it was always going to happen, but there is nonetheless much consternation all round.

Sadly my browser is not set up to cache stuff to disk so I cannot help with any of the missing web log entries.