09/03/2003 @18:31:22 ^21:18:04

RjY's birthday roundup!

It's my birthday today. Here's what happened on all my birthdays since the time the temporal record existed:

While it's probably going to be the case that I will have the house to myself next weekend, and it was certainly the case that I was thinking "wouldn't it be cool to have a party", I have to say that I don't think I will. I simply don't trust people not to spill liquids on the furniture, in particular the black sofa in the front room which marks really easily. More importantly, neither does my mum. Hers is not a grotty student house in which nothing matters.

I just noticed this post (give Google time to pick it up) In order to avoid making BDave look like a godawful moron I'd like to make it clear that it was posted before I finished writing and uploaded this article. Thank you.