12/03/2003-13/03/2003 @02:39:00 ^03:23:22

First there was my old TV finally giving up on me

Now the hole in the cover of my decent wheel chair has enlarged to the point that the foam underneath it is beginning to detach in small pieces

I can sort of help the chair by putting a pillow on it. I have my old chair, but sitting on that one is like sitting on two planks of wood at right angles to each other

Also my new bed is, well, it's an acquired taste. It's pretty hard but I guess it'll soften up. I'm already getting used to it anyway. At least it hasn't got a huge dent in the middle, and of course, it's several inches longer than normal size beds. I don't hang off the end of it.

Tune in soon for another edition of "which of RjY's treasured possessions will break next"

This might be very soon, if a load of idiots turn up at my house on Saturday looking for a party, the suggestion of which last weekend was a joke which was taken out of hand, and over which my brain is torn because I realise it could be fun but there's no way I'd trust people not to destroy my house. Like I said, it's not a student house to which anything can happen with relative impunity. I am so very, very protective of my possessions too. There's no way I could relax.