05/10/2003 @20:46:48 ^23:54:03

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Okay I admit it's growing on me.

Also to fuel OBNOXIOUS DRAMA I think there should be MORON CENTRAL EVICTION NIGHT! You should be able to vote! Oh man it's so funny I couldn't stop laughing all morning.

PRBoom crashed but now it doesn't

I tried doing a run of the whole of Doom Episode 3, but after the end of E3M3 it crashed with some error that I can't remember, something about drawing patches at illegal coordinates, or something. This happened twice but just now I ran through the level (19% kills, 59 seconds, of course the world record is only 24) but on exit it was fine! What the hell?

However I couldn't get Southern Cross Gold Edition to run. It says "Requirements: possibly ZDoom" in the text file, but so did the original and that didn't stop DIY from running it. I don't know. Every source port is different.

In today's newstuff I found Black Mountain. This is a large, easy map mostly set outdoors, then passing through a rather dull skin-textured maze, then back outdoors again for some impressive setpieces and large open areas. There's not much detail but there are several groups of small monsters in large numbers which coupled with an abundance of ammunition makes it fun. I liked the area with the huge dried up lava fall and the even greater sized final area surrounding the mountain or whatever the hells its supposed to be. It has a vague story and some extra graphics used at the very end for spice. Recommended if you've got nothing better to do; it remains to be seen if I can be bothered to play it again.