Hello everybody :-)

Yeah, some lamer's set up another pointless web page, I know what you're thinking. But you don't have to be reading this do you?!

So much for self-justification. "Rob's review of 2001" on alt.alumni.warwick was a success but took ages to do all at once like that so I thought, yeah, do something that could be just updated occasionally instead.

Plus my site's been exactly the same for too long. It needed a revamp. In fact I did one in mid-2000 but it was too ambitious and never got finished. The look (colour scheme, graphics etc.) of this site right now is very similar to that one from back then but laid out a little differently.

Suggestion: go and read the About page. You could also go and look at the anARCHy Track list but only if you want to see what it looks like as a table; we haven't made any new tracks for ages.

For some reason we wanted to get this done for today. Rationale: Something good has to come out of Valentine's Day, doesn't it?!