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update-blog, and why I don't like developing software in public

Well, there it is, you vultures, update-blog. I've bodged the archiving thing just to work very simply and highly specifically to the way I've got the site written already. It works - I mean, you can see it's worked. Hence, I can release it around the time I said I would, with the functionality I said it would have. Therefore it's completely undocumented and uncustomisable. You'll have to stare at it for ages to see how it works. This is pre-alpha crap, baby.

You can tell I'm not happy. I don't think it's ready. In fact I might just take it off again in a couple of days, it's that bad. It's the whole thing about developing software in public. Why must I feel like I have a responsibility to anyone else over something that is, after all, my (and only my) hobby project? I'm not being paid or getting degree credit or whatever! It's a hobby!!

This, by the way, is related to the reason why I'm so reluctant to get involved with Rutherford's idea to write an audio sequencer for GNU/Linux. This would be a very large project of which I would be responsible for certain parts. Actual real people would be relying on me. No. I don't need that. I won't get involved, it's better than be plagued by suspicions of letting people down. This is also why I didn't do the clubs and societies thing while I was at the university.

PS Since the page has been archived the sunset picture and the triv.org.uk homepage stuff have been removed. Sorry, I told you so!

The desk that my computers are on

In my room, there is a long white work surface on which the computers sit. Underneath, there used to be an old table, horribly low, with an evil shin-cracking crosspiece. Spent yesterday afternoon replacing this table with a better one. I needed to completely dismantle and rebuild the setup, but I think it was worth it... except I'm probably going to have to do the whole thing again...(!) The heights of this new table, and the other supports of the work surface, are all slightly different. I haven't got the padding quite correct, so I'll need to take it all off again and fix that. Damn.

Friday was my cousinish's(*) birthday

We thought we'd be going to his house but he came to mine instead. This was funny, because we get on well. Talked about stuff as wide-ranging as girls and spinning cushions on your finger. His taste in music continues to be good - in fact, we tried to make a record... That's two cousins I've got with cool tastes in music, shame the rest of the world isn't like that, but there you go.

(*)Cousinish: Well, his mum is my cousin. Therefore to me he's some daft long thing like my "first cousin once removed". I can't be bothered to say this, so we're cousinishes. (He's my cousin. Ish. Sort of. You know.)

Still any other business?

Yes. There's still some stuff I could write about here. I've got a list of stuff from the past few days that could go in an update. A few minutes ago I was feeling like I wanted to do them, but you know how the right music can really cheer you up...