21/08/2002-22/08/2002 @01:18:45 ^01:40:54

I got told off for not updating often sufficiently often. Thanks Bex. Why don't you update your site a little more often?? You haven't played PopEx for years! I think a static site needs some form of useful content, and, despite the high opinion you have of yourself (which I'm sure is totally justified, you'll hear no argument from me there) the undoubtable resulting supposition that "Hello, I'm Bex, look at me" is sufficiently useful content to produce traffic worthy of owning your own domain is not correct. Not everyone knows just how simply wonderful you are, after all.

I know some of you are waiting for me to write something about, um, recent events, e.g. certain people turning up on #warwick. Well... I dunno, I can't see a way that I won't come out of it looking like the bitter and twisted cuckold:) Plus, I've done enough being unnecessarily rude about people who don't deserve it today (see above)

So, before I do, go read Pete's site and his and his friend's hilarious idea of an instant message conversation (Pete, I'd say you chased the guy off) or Something Awful's hilarious idea of how to make friends (You might need to use the archives if the piece has gone off the front page)