Look you idiots, a link: newsstats. It seems its release was not exactly obvious.

Six months since I built this computer

I think in terms of computer hardware that makes it obsolete :-/

A life of sleep and telly

Anyway nothing happened today. I was asleep for most of it. Not surprising though, I was up until like half five yesterday though. Later, I watched some stuff on TV. Here, for want of better content, is a report.

Also I went into Coventry, to the bank. Paid a cheque in that I'd got for my birthday. Walked round some shops.

Yeah, great, Rob, you really know how to sort your life out. Last night, I just couldn't be bothered to go to bed, I knew I'd get bugger all done today. I'd tried looking at the DC form again, I've had like 2 boxes left on it for ages. I still can't fill them in. And I don't know where the hell else I could apply to. Is it that I'm still living at home, wrapped in cotton wool? I dunno. Here it is, nearly 3am again, looks like the same thing's going to happen today too.

I'm this close to posting my username and password, so that you can go finish the form for me. That'd make you laugh, wouldn't it?