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Yet more about ease of pulling among the genders

So I got "e-yelled at" again today about being sexist, for my opinion that girls pull more easily than boys. I still don't think it's sexist, and neither do most people who've offered me their opinion. I still think that a girl who wants to pull can just go out and wait for the offers to roll in, and I still think that a guy who wants to pull has to go out and make all the effort, that is, start the conversation, offer to buy her a drink, or be a little more direct (if that's your thing)

I agree that confidence comes into it a lot. The act of chatting a girl up needs a lot of confidence (which, as you might expect, I personally don't feel I have; I mean how else could this topic have been raised in my mind, other than from thinking "why don't I pull as much as some other people?") It helps to be utterly convinced beforehand that something is going to happen between you and someone you know, because you go in and act like it's going to happen regardless and this moves the whole thing on. The lady gets swept up in it. But personally I need a hell of a lot of evidence here. This can a long time to accumulate.

Attractiveness is also said to play a part. Well, obviously. But there's a problem. Girls are better at being attractive. It can't have escaped your notice, and I'm not just saying this because I'm a bloke. Girls have nicer bodies: smoother skin, better shape, no ugly dangly bits etc. Furthermore, in general girls take much more time and effort over their appearance: clothes, makeup etc. They can. The products are available. Indeed, society kind of pushes them in that direction anyway...

But I digress. The point is, blokes can't really make themselves more attractive. If you're ugly, you're doomed. Indeed if you think you're ugly, you're doomed. That's back to the confidence thing, though - it helps if you feel sexy in yourself.

But back to my original point. Girls can go out, and they will get offers. Guys won't, unless they're very lucky (e.g. obviously rich, look like pop stars, or whatever) - instead, they have to make the offers. Really confident girls might make offers - but most won't. Really confident guys will make (many:-) ) offers, and some might be accepted. But for those of us who don't have that smug self-assurance, we're doomed to a life of surfing for porn.

Television: huge dilemma!!

Normally on a Monday night I'd watch the thing with Billy Connelly in it, because he's really funny. But tonight there was this thing on the other side about lesbian sex! How could I miss that?? It's good research (yeah, yeah, laugh all you want) A bunch of girls talking about how they like to be screwed; useful information, you know?? But I could hardly go downstairs and record one of them - what would I have said to my mum? "Hi, Ros, can I tape this programme on the other side about women screwing each other"...

PS I was quite pleased with myself, they did this bit where they got 3 lesbians to each look at and talk to 3 random women and they had to pick out the one who was gay; I got two out of three correct. I'm quite good at that sort of thing, or at least I'd like to believe I am:-)